The Jefe del Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire (JEMA) from Spain chaired the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Europavia Spain

The Jefe del Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire (JEMA) from Spain chaired the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Europavia Spain

The Palace of Pastrana in Madrid hosted the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Europavia, a ceremony presided over by the Jefe del Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire (JEMA), the General Garcia Arnaiz, which brought together representatives of leading companies of the sector, the administration, partners and customers. Miguel Angel Tapia, its CEO, stressed in his speech that “the year of the Foundation of Europavia Spain, 1965, things began to change in our industry, both in our country and in Europe.” Those were decisive years. Reason why we want this anniversary serves as a tribute to all the people and institutions that thanks to their vision, effort and initiative set up the modern basis for the development of the aerospace and the defense sectors”.

The Jefe de Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire congratulated the company “for having fulfiled 50 years, with a great firmness and beyond all expectations.” They have reached it because the count with an extraordinary human capital, with a very high level of training, combining youth and experience; which is a guarantee of success. But also, because it is a company that has as main objective the customer, adapting to the times and innovation. And all this in an environment that is as demanding as it is that of aviation, where today is already almost the past.”

“In this half-century we had overcome many difficulties – added Miguel Angel Tapia, to become one of the most veterans’ companies of the sector. But at the time we are a very young company, where the average age of our employees just over 32 years. What we are especially proud of, it is in fact that we have created young, stable and quality employment in those difficult past years”. The CEO pointed out that coinciding with its 50th anniversary, they had created a new industrial division, and they had inaugurated modern facilities dedicated to the maintenance of aeronautical instrumentation. “We are proud of our past – he said – and hopeful about the future.” A future that we want to symbolize with the new logo of this veteran and young company, from today”.

Europavia celebrates its 50 years satisfied by having consolidated its position as leading MRO (maintenance and logistic support), as well as consulting and marketing equipment and high technology for Aeronautics, Defense and Space systems. But it has been in the last 15 years when it had had a strong expansion, with an annual average growth of the turnover of 14 %. The value at the end of this year 2015, will exceed the figure of 20 million euros. Europavia is part of Eurotradia International, a solid group of companies with a presence in more than 60 countries and a shareholding consisting of a large number or European companies such as Airbus, MBDA and Thales, Safran, Dassault and Total. This celebration was news in several magazines, medias and newspapers of the sector as Fly News, Avion Revue, ActualidadAeroespacial, AIRE,, Efeempresas, One Magazine o TEDAE.

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