Europavia becomes an Authorised Economic Operator

Europavia becomes an Authorised Economic Operator

Since last 4th of April, EUROPAVIA ESPAÑA is a certified supplier as an Authorized Economic Operator for Customs Simplification/Protection and Security.

It is a figure that proves that we are a reliable company for CUSTOMS. This entails a number of facilities and simplifications in our daily customs procedures of our activity, specifically in the imports and exports of spare parts and in temporary exports for the repair of equipment that we send  outside the European Union.

For our customers it is a clear added value, our customs clearances are a priority and our goods do not get stopped at documentary or physical review circuits, which makes EUROPAVIA a more agile supplier face to those without OEA accreditation.

Moreover, only 950 companies have such accreditation in Spain and there are practically no MRO companies, which may mean an element of differentiation from our competitors.

It also opens us the door to the chace of being self-sufficient in a series of activities that we have nowadays subcontracted to shipping companies: make our own customs clearances or have our own customs warehouse, which in addition to reduncing costs allows us not to rely on third parties and their priorities when carrying out the necessary procedures for this kind of operations.