Marketing Promotion

Marketing Promotion

We are representatives of oem of aeronautics and defense international companies, promoting their sales face to the clients of the aeronautics, defense and security sectors in spain. In the same way, we support spanish companies in their processes on international sales.

  • Marketing promotion of equipment and systems
  • Consultancy

Through Europavia, the manufacturer Jehier (Hutchinson) has been the reference supplier of heat and acoustic insulation for transport aircrafts CN235 and C295.

Since 2004, Geven supplies interiors for Airbus aircrafts (CN235 and C295 fleet), including toilets, galleys, racks and seats in different configurations

SAFRAN ED supplies gyroscopes for several programmes in Defence in which participates the Spanish Industry.

Since 2004, ECT (NSE Industries) has supplied the night vision compatibility kits for the F-18 fleet within the modernization contract.

ECT (NSE Industries) supplies the modifications from cabin systems to night vision for the transport aircrafts C295 and CN235

As representatives of Saint-Gobain Sully, Europavia has sold glasses for the CN235 and C295 transport aircrafts and has taken part in the development of the family of in-flight re-fuelling aircrafts A330 MRTT.

Through Europavia, the company TEAM (COBHAM Avionics) carried out the retrofit of the communication equipment for the aircraft C212 belonging to the Spanish Air Force.

Cobham Avionics (TEAM) is the supplier for Airbus DS for the A400M programme relating to PA and RMP communications equipment.

Manoir industries (LISI) supplies high-precision metal structures for different Airbus Military programmes, supplying Airbus directly or through its sub-contractors.

Through Europavia, the manufacturer Goodrich (Collins Aerospace), has supplied rescue cranes for Sikorsky 76 helicopters belonging to the Spanish Air Force.

Through Europavia, the manufacturer Goodrich (Collins Aerospace), has supplied rescue hoist for Sikorsky EC-135 helicopters belonging to the Guardia Civil.

Over the last five years, the Spanish Army has provided its fleet of helicopters CH-47 and EC-135 with EAPS sand filters supplied by PALL Aerospace through numerous contracts with NAMSA.

Manoir manufactures metallic parts for ITP within the framework of the “Tigre” Programme for engine components.

Since early 2010, Europavia has worked as a representative and distributor for the products of the world leader manufacturer of turbines, Safran HE, taking responsibility for the maintenance contracts for the turbines installed in helicopters belonging to the Spanish Air Force and Army.

For more than 50 years, Europavia has provided business consulting support services within the Aeronautics, Defence and Space technology sectors, based on our experience, independence and credibility.These services include market research, the elaboration of critical data, environment analysis, the search for strategic partner, the development of industrial cooperation programmes, participation in consortiums, study of financing instruments, strategic positioning and, in general, all kinds of activities relating to the realm of competitive intelligence. Furthermore, Europavia supports the export drive of spanish companies within the industry by means of the network of Eurotradia correspondents of which it forms a part. Finally, Europavia has worked in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Defence in order to sell surplus material.

Outstanding references

For more than five years ago, Executive consultant Europavia is one of the largest european aerospace groups, providing critical information services, analysis of the environment, supporting the development of industrial cooperation programmes and strategic consulting.

Europavia provides marketing services to Pilatus Aircraft LTD. Relating to the promotion of the PC21 training aircraft for the Spanish Air Force and Ministry of Defence.

For many years, Europavia has provided business consulting services to one of the world’s largest groups for information systems in relation to the group’s entry into the Spanish aerospace market.

Among its many activities, Europavia has worked on searching for strategic partner for european projects within the aerospace sector.

Europavia took part as a consultant in the sale of a Mirage F1 Two-Seater and Testing Bank belonging to the Spanish Air Force, to the Jordanian Air Force.

Europavia worked on defining and setting up technology transfer programmes associated with industrial compensation, including the S-80 and NH90 projects, among others.

Support to the Spanish export industry in different areas specially for the Aeronautics, Defence and Space sectors in Europe.